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The trouble with eating out

“Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean. And so between the two of them, They licked the platter clean.” Eating out together has been a trial every since Hubby decided to start a ketogenic diet….
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Anti-vegan recommend for the win

Non-vegans range from those adventurous enough to try weird meat substitutes with you even when they’re not drunk to those who are utterly repulsed by the life choice. Rarely do I find myself being served delicious soy-battered dill pickles by…
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It begins

There’s nothing worse than the smell of bacon filling your house — at least when you’re a vegan. I decide to go vegan after watching What the Health on Netflix specifically because someone interviewed mentioned that dairy can cause eczema,…
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Rossland’s Passive House

This is a story I wrote for the Rossland News last summer that I wanted to share here. I run into the owners frequently and the house is coming along. Might be about time for a follow up.

Q&A with Vancouver architect Michael Katz

Michael Katz has run his architectural firm, Katz Architecture Ltd., in Vancouver since 1971, when he collaborated with famed landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander (Library Square, Robson Square) on Marine Gardens. The family housing complex features 70 town houses on less…
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