Bring on spring

Photo by Jordan Abel

What counts as spring in the north, really? I mean there’s no snow on the ground and it’s above zero, but if you’re looking for spring flowers Edmonton is going to disappoint.

Rather than wait on the weather for spring colours, I decided to be proactive and introduce some spring shades to my wardrobe. Here’s my outfit of the day:

Astoni earrings from Aldo Accessories

I didn’t even make it out the door of my apartment building before getting complimented on these. They are pretty, feminine, and to be honest, a little heavy, but I was in the mood to try something big and colourful when I bought these.

twik mini embroidery blouse from Simons

I love Simons so very much, which is why Hubby bought me a gift card for my birthday that I have been slowly using up. This shirt was actually something he picked out and I really love everything about it.




Olive military-style jacket

My actual jacket is one I bought on clearance at American Eagle years ago, but they’re still very much in style right now and easy to find. Check out this twill field jacket for women at Old Navy for $31.97 as a possible dupe.

Women’s ink wash skinny jeans from Warehouse One

For a long time I was afraid that if I wore skinny jeans I would look like an ice cream cone, but wearing these pants people actually believed I had lost weight, so I’m kind of sad I let myself be held back. The crucial thing for me with these was the “subtle whiskers.” Ideally, I’d prefer no whiskering at all, but that seems almost impossible to find.

Abound’s Vivian block heel Chelsea boot from Nordstrom Rack

This is actually my first pair of Chelsea boots—go figure. They are very comfortable and with the block heel, I’m able to walk around quite a bit in them. Sadly they seem to be sold out, but here‘s something similar in vegan leather.

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