The trouble with eating out

“Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
His wife could eat no lean.
And so between the two of them,
They licked the platter clean.”

Eating out together has been a trial every since Hubby decided to start a ketogenic diet.

I don’t eat meat and when we go out that’s usually about all Hubby can eat—though honestly eating out for him is pretty hard even when he’s not trying to find someplace I can eat too.

Most chicken comes breaded and he needs it to be grilled. He can’t have any bread, fries or any sauce that might have sugar in it. One of the things he’s found he can eat that a lot of restaurants have is Caesar salads with grilled chicken, but even then he has to ask them to hold the croutons.

We were both able to eat at Cafe Mosaics, where I had vegan perogies with the best cashew sour cream I’ve ever tasted (granted not a large sample) and Hubby had a zucchini noodle dish—but even then there was fruit on his plate that he couldn’t eat.

Later we headed over to The Almanac, where Hubby ordered a charcuterie plate with cheeses and in-house made meats. The plate also came with apple, nuts, jam, mustard and crostini, none of which Hubby could eat, so I did and between the two of use we (almost) cleaned the plate. (Confession: I have no idea if the crostini was vegan; I didn’t ask. #badvegan)

Brunch presented an even bigger challenge until we decided to check out Friends & Neighbours, where I used to work as a server back in the day.

I have to say, I like the changes they’ve made since we’ve been away.

They now have a full vegan/vegetarian menu, which includes a weekend-only vegan eggs benedict. I also finally tried the tofu scramble and soy bacon—a popular dish when I worked there that I didn’t consider trying when I wasn’t vegan. It was pretty great actually, I can see why so many used to (and presumably still do) order it.

Hubby was able to get an omelette with meat and cheese, and the second time we went the server offered to replace his toast with avocado. (The first time he was offered a fruit cup, which I ate.)

We even ran into the owner who remembered us and gave us both a hug.

Looks like Friends & Neighbours will be our go-to brunch spot from now on.