Styling black and white print leggings

Photo by Jordan Abel

Ages ago—like four and a half years, to be precise—my mom bought me these leggings in a black and white print for Christmas and I have hardly worn them since.

It’s not even that I don’t like them—the leggings are both comfortable and opaque—but I am the sort of person who finds it difficult to think of leggings as actual pants. No shade on those who like wearing them that way, but I just personally don’t. So for the longest time, I was fixated on the idea that if I could just find the perfect sweater dress to go with them, all would be well. But there is no perfect sweater dress and these leggings aren’t getting any younger.

So I decided it was finally time to face this personal style challenge head on and raid my own closet to see what I could come up with. It took a couple of tries, but I think I finally found two—only two—possible outfits.

The first pairs the leggings with my favourite black tank top and my sheer silk blouse, left unbuttoned.

Photo by Jordan Abel

The second outfit pairs them with a shiny blue top I’ve had for a long time and my black velvet kimono.

For both outfits, I wore my black booties and a necklace I got from Warehouse One.

I like the first outfit the best but, honestly, have no idea where I’d wear either.

What do you think of the outfit combinations? Any ideas of where I’d wear this?