Anti-vegan recommend for the win

Non-vegans range from those adventurous enough to try weird meat substitutes with you even when they’re not drunk to those who are utterly repulsed by the life choice.

Rarely do I find myself being served delicious soy-battered dill pickles by the latter, but such was the case during Game 4 of the Vegas vs. Washington playoff final.

As I was explaining to my friend where I get my protein from (sigh), “beans, lentils, tofu,” the anti-vegan butted in, “don’t forget sadness and regret.”

He described himself as morally opposed to veganism, but then ended up giving me a great restaurant recommendation.

According to our server on Wednesday night, River City Revival House has only been open for about a week and a half. It’s the kind of place that smokes its meat in-house, but oddly, it also has a lot of vegan options—not to mention a separate vegan smoker.

Hubby and I went there with my cousin and we all managed to find something we liked/could eat. We even shared the Tofu Fighters Platter—a vegan antipasto platter!

The tofu had an intense smokey flavour and the cashew cheese was the perfect texture and had great flavour. Hubby was able to eat both, though he couldn’t have any of the crostini. He adapted by spreading the cashew cheese on the tofu.

For mains, Hubby ordered the Run D.M.Caesar without croutons and was able to add both bacon and smoked chicken, which he said was delicious

I had the Portis-Bello Burger with Daiya cheese subbed in. The portobello was also smoked and it was probably the most savoury and flavourful portobello I’ve ever had.

My cousin ordered the Piggy Sue 22 pizza and fair warning: these pizzas are not messing around. He managed to get through about three pieces and still had over half a pizza left when he requested a takeout box.

As for those vegan deep-fried pickles I mentioned, they are called Pickle Pucks and can be ordered at Tavern on Whyte. Hail Seitan—deep-fried seitan bites tossed in sweet chilli sauce—are also a great choice and I’ll probably have to order some for tonight’s game.

Go Caps!